Rise of Flavours Blog

Dare to Begin!

Holla people!

Welcome to the story of two people sharing one common love i.e. FOOD! The reason we started this blog is the belief that the most satisfying thing to soul is scrumptious food. And with this belief, we started reviewing food on Zomato a year back. We went to fancy restaurants, well-known cafes and luxurious lounges and wrote about our experiences on Zomato.

Months later, we decided to start an Instagram account to share our experiences with the people worldwide. Posting pictures, connecting with new bloggers, exploring new places for our content became a new habit! But it was not enough because ” Yeh Dil Mange More!” Writing was passion so here came the idea of starting a blog!

But starting the blog seemed to be a very challenging task! We seriously had no clue where to start from. But as we have learnt, “Every Journey begins with a single step. But you’ll never finish if you don’t start.” So finally started the Rise of Flavours Blog. A hub of droolworthy desserts, soul-satisfying street food and delicious dishes! All in all, one stop for all the Food Freaks! So are you ready to have some mouthwatering flavours?




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