A 60 feet long Paradise for Whisky Lovers!

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy. But Bible says love your enemy! And that’s what we all do! We are living in an era where alcohol has become a necessity, and where everything rhymes with alcohol! Even if it’s alcohol, we want something new or different varieties to try, and the search for a perfect bar continues and continues! But, what if we say that The Whisky Bar & Brew Pub is providing 111 varieties of whiskies & 4 types of Brewed Beer under one roof? Sounds interesting? So, Keep reading.

Insane Collection of Whiskies with Cool Concept

Varieties that can blow your mind!

Did anyone say Jack Daniel’s or Black Dog or Gentleman Jack or 100 Pipers? You can find 111 varieties that you can’t even imagine! This newly opened Bar in Gurugram is your next Whisky Hub! The place has the longest bar of 60 feet. They serve Brewed Beer as well. Belgian Wit is a must try.

Did we mention about the cool concept of the Conveyor Belt? You might be feeling lazy or want to be treated in a royal manner then this could help! The bar has a long table with an attached Conveyor Belt. You can order directly to the bartender or wait for the drink to reach your table through the Conveyor Belt.

Lit Ambience

When alcohol meets music, that makes a perfect combo! Be it live music or DJ, the place promises to never disappoint you. Also, they have special arrangements for Live Sports Screening.

So, when the alcohol hits you hard, lights are dim, sharpies all over and rocking music, makes it the most happening place in town!

Soul-Satisfying Food & Mocktails

At the end, food is all we need! The place serves Chinese, Italian and Continental cuisines. You can try Pizza, Amritsari Fish, Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani. Also, Drum Drum is highly recommended.

They have a really amazing variety of mocktails & cocktails as well. Triple Sec is highly recommended.

So, the place is waiting for all the whisky lovers! Go and grab your whiskies and feel the soothing music playing out there!

Address: The Whisky Bar & Brew Pub, SCO 53, 3rd Floor, Sector- 29, Gurugram. Cost for two: Rs. 1500 with alcohol.

Picture Courtesy: DineOut & Lenstuck



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